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Attempto (I venture) is the motto of the University of Tübingen which was coined by its founding father, Eberhard im Barte. We have adopted this as the leitmotif for our actions with a look towards the future: He who ventures (attemptum) will win the future! 

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your digital performance provider

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Attemptum AG was incorporated in 2010 by seasoned ICT experts.

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Our group of companies is comprised of more than 500 digital professionals who are committed to your clients, using their comprehensive market knowledge about the supply side and user side to create custom-fit solutions.

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By tapping into our cross-sector, international networks, we partner specifically with associates and clients from Germany, Switzerland, and USA. We view ourselves as a competent partner to sales-pushing allies and Deutsche Telekom/T-systems.

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Attemptum AG is based at multiple locations throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We assist you with reaching your performance targets in combination with thought-through IT security solutions. Our clients include end customers, big IT infrastructure providers, and producers of ICT solutions.

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